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Christian Confidence in a Secular Humanist World

“The Archangel Michael defeating Satan” (1635) by Guido Reni

One of the reasons for the loss of confidence among Christians, the timidity we have confronting atheists, is that many of us have unconsciously accepted the Secular Humanist idea that human reason stands above the Word of God, which is tantamount to admitting defeat before the battle has even begun.

The Secular Humanist sees himself as sitting upon the unshakable granite foundation of pure reason. The Christian approaches obsequiously, insisting that he has a place on that foundation as well. The Secular Humanist sneers as the Christian tries to explain how reason supports his religious beliefs.

For the secular humanist, this is a nice fantasy, but it is a complete inversion of reality.

Far from being an unshakable granite foundation, pure human reason is like a feather floating in the air, carried this way and that by the winds of popular opinion, social pressure, social stigma, and zeitgeist. If cultural inertia has any effect on it, it is to prevent it from accepting the insights of unpopular dissidents who might just happen to be in the right.

Ben Shapiru famously refuses to “cite to the Bible” when making arguments. Steven Crowder follows suit in his “Change My Mind” segments. This is ultimately a losing strategy. They have already conceded the lie that human reason supersedes the Word of God. Every bullet they fire at the enemy passes through their own skull first. The Bible is our foundation, not something you work your way back to from reason. Thus, any “victory” that Shapiru or Crowder make is actually a win for the enemy. One step forward, two steps back.

Secular Humanism, egalitarianism, feminism, new atheism, and evolution are ideas that are rotting before our very eyes. Those who argue most vociferously in favour of these ideas (even those few who are of considerable intellect like Penn Jillette) are increasingly characterized by impotent blubbering. Why do we give them home-court advantage? It’s insane and self-defeating.

We have been conditioned to feel embarrassed to begin an argument with any variation of “According to the Bible…”. Break the conditioning. The Bible is the Word of the Creator God who upholds and sustains the Universe. The Word of God is “powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the joints and marrow.” It is your best weapon and a sure foundation.

The only foundation the Secular Humanist sits upon is a quivering mass of Jell-O. There is no need to concede anything to these self-obsessed navel-gazers with their home-made paper crowns.

The Secular Humanist’s delusions of grandeur are palpably absurd. Arguing with one of these people is like arguing with a blind man who insists he can see. You don’t concede that he can see, but then try to convince him he’s blind through clever repartee. You slap him across the face and ask, “Didja see that coming?” Then you periodically slap him again and again until he’s shamed into admitting he’s blind.

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