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What Would the Founders: Monarchy

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

"Portrait of George Washington"

You may have heard the story about how there were some who wanted General George Washington to be crowned King of America.

Washington, and the Founders, said no. They decided to try an experiment, to put their faith in a limited democracy ruled by elected officials. Washington became the first President of that constitutional republic. This was hailed by the Western World as the dawn of a new and better era. Many of the nations of Europe followed America in establishing democracies.

That experiment has been a catastrophic failure. They should have made Washington king.

The original idea with the American Experiment was that they set up a system of government that ensured the safety and prosperity of the people, with safeguards in place that would allow that system of government to be changed only very, very slowly with every opportunity for self-reflection and somber consideration. And they were right---things changed very, very slowly. This allowed for an incredibly long period of safety and prosperity lasting hundreds of years. But the ultimate end of this system was worse than anything that could have happened under a monarchy.

Democracy, even a limited democracy, has allowed the rise of the following abominations which I do not believe could have occurred with a king:

- The Welfare State. (Multiple generations of people living on welfare as a lifestyle choice.)

- A Military Industrial Complex persisting for generations.

- Rule by Multi-National Corporations (who fund the careers of politicians and dictate their policies).

- Rule and subterfuge by foreigners (Ilhan Omar, various Marxists and Trotskyites).

- Civic Nationalism (a superstitious fantasy that would baffle even the most backward Medieval peasants) .

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