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What to Expect when Revival Comes

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

"The Pet Canaries" (1875) by Joseph Caraud. Note the head covering.

Because of the innate power of the Gospel, it nearly certain that the western world will return to Christianity. The old time religion is coming back in a big way. That secular Star-Trek utopia is a pipe-dream.

It will eventually become undeniable that atheism and secular humanism are false religions providing no defense against evil. No one will be able to deny that atheism and secular humanism drive men mad—what with feminism, climate alarmism, Trump Derangement Syndrome, psychiatry, furries, bizarre gender confusion and sex practices, Civic Nationalism, the failure of globalist initiatives like the UN, etc. Atheism is not a worldview that provides a mechanism for comprehending evil, and as the societal mechanisms of Christianity that once provided a safeguard against evil are broken down, the reality of evil will become unavoidable. People will be forced to either rediscover Christianity or go mad.

Unfortunately, when mass revival comes, you can expect a lot of weird stuff to accompany it. A mass of enthusiastic but ignorant converts suddenly rediscovering their Christian heritage will result in the appearance of a lot of strange beliefs and practices, some harmless and some not-so-harmless. These strange practices may take a long time to get sorted out because there will not be enough teachers to tamp down the silliness.

It happened when the Roman Empire became Christian, and we can expect it to happen again.

Some of these beliefs and practices may include:

-Taking lifelong vows of celibacy, impossible for most people to keep. This is an overreaction against a lifetime of sexual sin.

-Over-enthusiasm for monasticism. People will be driven to form isolated religious communities, thinking they can escape sin by isolating themselves from the world, not realizing that isolation usually leads to spectacular levels of sin.

-Confusion over the distinction between Biblical history, western mythology, clever stories like Paradise Lost, and Medieval Jewish fables.

-Strange ceremonies in which young women “gift their virginity” to God, or their fathers, or the church for “safekeeping” until they get married.

-Strange prohibitions against alcohol, medicine, hospitals, city life, fiction, entertainment, cell phones, electric lights, studying philosophy, etc.


Some of the strange beliefs and practices that appear with the revival may not be so bad, however. I suspect that the practice of women wearing head-coverings may return. This is a practice that most Christians have abandoned, but throughout most of western history, head-coverings were used as a symbol that a woman was under the authority of her husband. The husband was the commander, and the wife was his first officer. The head-covering was her badge of office, marking her as one to whom respect and obedience is due. To my mind the head covering is also a symbol for societal order, something that the feminists and other Cultural Marxists have been trying to eradicate.

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