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Useless Words like 'Nazi'.

Poster for Nazi propaganda film "The Triumph of the Will" (1935).

These days “Nazi” is the go-to word leftists use to denigrate anyone who strays from the party line. The fact that the word is a contraction from the German phrase for “National Socialist” is lost on them. They focus only on the “national” part of the word’s meaning, and refer to anyone with nationalist attitudes, or anyone who opposes the globalist agenda, as a “Nazi”. In reality, of course, the distinction between Nazism and Communism is merely one of degree. Nazism and Communism are just different forms of totalitarian centralized collectivism.

The Nazis wanted totalitarian control over the corner of the world they won for themselves. In contrast, the Communists wanted totalitarian control over the entire planet. Both had delusions of eternal shining empires.

Both ideologies are wicked and insane. The German Nazis were simply less wicked and less insane. Their ambitions were lower and they managed their expectations.

Nazis believed in a national collective, confining their insanity to a single nation. Communists believed in a global collective, wishing to spread a cloak of madness over the entire planet, Cthulhu-style.

Nazis believed in a national totalitarian government pushing what they believed was best for their own particular nation. Communists believed in a global totalitarian government pushing an agenda they believed was best for the entire world.


When a leftist calls you a Nazi, they are in effect accusing you of espousing a less pure form of evil than what they espouse. The leftist is saying, “I am super evil, and you are only half as evil as I am.”

Try explaining this to a leftist, though. They won’t be able to get past the “national” part of Nazism, unable to distinguish between nationalism and national collectivism. Their binary thinking prevents them from approaching the issue from a different perspective.

So much for the famed open-mindedness of leftists.


Modern leftists view the Left/Right distinction as a conflict between national vs international agendas. Right-wingers view the Left/Right distinction as a conflict between personal autonomy and collectivism. Both Nazis and Communists are collectivists. This difference in perspective renders communication between the Left and the Right almost impossible, since the words we are all using—like “Nazi”—have completely different meanings depending on who’s using them. Leftists use the word “Nazi” as a synonym for “Nationalist”. Any nuance is lost on them.

Therefore, words like Nazi are almost completely useless unless you have the time to explain that you can’t be a Nazi unless you are both a nationalist and a collectivist…but no one has the time, and binary thinkers are too dumb to understand the distinction anyway.

When a leftist calls you a Nazi, the correct response is not denial. They won’t accept or understand your protestations. Count Dankula demonstrate the perfect way to respond in the recent documentary which featured him on the BBC.

Leftist Comedian: (looking down his nose) “I think you’re a Nazi.”

Count Dankula : (barely able to speak because he’s laughing so hard) “I think you’re a prick!”

This dismissive counterattack completely obliterates the leftist comedian more effectively than any cool-and-collected measured response ever could. They are unteachable. Mockery is the only thing they understand.

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