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Trying to Lift the Enemy to Your Own Level is Futile

"Friar Jean mocks Panurge, who lost his courage during the storm" (1854/1873) by Gustave Dore

And yet,’ said Panurge, ‘many a time have I disputed with devils and landed them all befuddled on their bottoms.’ —Rabelais, Pantagruel, 1532.

The enemy has an affliction known as binary thinking. They are only capable of thinking this way, and they presume that everyone else thinks this way as well.

Binary thinking is often described as seeing the world in black and white without any shades of grey, but this metaphor is lacking in my opinion. It is more like noticing that an object has a bit of one colour in it and then assuming the whole object must be that colour.

Prominent examples include:

1. When you express negative sentiments regarding immigration and they call you a racist and a “white supremacist”.

2. When you criticize Jews and they call you anti-Semitic.

3. When you express anything less than complete and total admiration for the sexually confused and they call you a bigot.

They assume that if you have a single negative thought about immigrants, Jews, or sexual deviants, you must be full of hate for these people. In their minds there is no such thing as constructive criticism. They assume that if you criticize something at all, you must hate it.

They see themselves as the good guys on the side of the angels. If you oppose them in any way, they will see you as inhuman demon-spawn.

No matter what you say, they will assume the worst possible interpretation. Expect it from them. Understand that everything you say, no matter how gently you try to phrase it, will set all their dials to full, set off all their klaxons. Enemy sighted! Battle Stations! This is not something you can change about them, so use it to your advantage. You might want to teach them, but they are not teachable and you are not a teacher. If you want your people to survive and prosper, you will have to become a warrior.

If you expect them to be able to think in a logical fashion, you are projecting yourself. Logical communication with these people is virtually impossible at the present moment. Attempting repartee is futile. Their intellect is beast-like.

Use their stupidity to your advantage. Do not try to make them more intelligent. We are at war with them, so blast them with reality.

This conflict is not an armchair debate. This is a no-holds-barred fight to the death for Western Civilization. Beat them into submission with truth after truth. It will exhaust them. They will barely understand what you are saying, but the truth will inexorably beat them into silence or drive them into spluttering incoherence. Shame may eventually drive a few of them to reconsider their worldview.


There is no subtlety in their world, no sophistication. For them, something is either all good or all bad.

In reality, the virtue of a thing is often relative.

Steak, for instance. Paired with a nice red, it’s great. Paired with pickle juice, not so good.

In the same way, a mass of foreigners living in their own country is great. If they’re living in my country, it’s not so great.

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