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The Inversion of Insanity

Portrait of Leon Trotsky.

Collectivism—the great insanity that swept the world in the Twentieth Century—had many forms which varied in the degree of their madness. On the milder end of the spectrum was socialism lite. Further up the spectrum was National Socialism (the Nazis). Closer to the other end of the spectrum were the Marxists—proponents of Communism, also known as International Socialism. At the most insane end of the spectrum were people like the Trotskyites, who advocated for Endless Revolution.

Most of the groups spread out along this spectrum hated each other. As is common among the insane, they could recognize each other’s insanity, but not their own.

The Nazis hated the Communists and kicked them out. They came to America and become a thorn in the side of the right wing, preaching that Communism was the cure for evil “nationalism”. Presuming collectivism to be inevitable, they pretended there was no distinction between nationalism and national socialism.

The Communists hated the Trotskyites and kicked them out too. Like the exiled German Communists, they also came to American, but being more clever than the Communists, they found a way to insinuate themselves into the right wing by playing up their mutual opposition to the Communists.

Communists and leftists are always referring to the American right wing as Nazis, and it is popular for right-wingers to ironically point out that the Communists killed more people than the Nazis, but the true irony is that the right wing adopted Trotskyites, the worst kind of collectivists, as their thought-leaders.

I am of course referring to the Neo-Cons, including such figures as Ben Shapiru and Dennis Prager. The Neo-Cons evolved directly out of the Trotskyites, and although they may no longer pontificate about endless revolution, they never repented or recanted. They merely shed their skin to adapt to a new environment. Their agenda, including their opposition to Russian interests, remains largely unchanged. Though some of them may pay lip service to Christianity, they are actively attempting to replace Christianity with Secular Humanism, tricking Christians into participating in their own suppression by promoting the Secular Humanist virtue of free speech absolutism.

More about Neo-Conservativism at InfoGalactic.

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