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Mass Immigration is War

"On the Warpath" (1872) by John Mix Stanley.

Mass immigration is the first step in war, the opening volley. There has never been a mass movement of people into an already-populated geographical area that did not result in violence and death as the inhabitants, both old and new, sorted themselves out and established their territory.

After studying history, any distinction between immigration and war becomes immaterial. A mass of immigrants is effectively at war with you even before the first shot is fired.

Consequently, there is a good argument that any politician who stands in favour of mass immigration (legal or illegal) could be denounced as a traitor to the nation.

War is inevitable in our western nations now due to demographic imbalances. Human nature has not changed enough in the last few decades for us to escape historical trends. No amount of drugs will curb the uprising. When the fighting breaks out, the politicians who allowed and promoted mass immigration will most likely be lynched.

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