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Make No Mistake, We Are at War!

['You're going down!'] Bruce Campbell as 'Ash' in Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead 2" (1987).

As long as people who are part of Western Civilization—and consider it worth preserving—do not realize that we are actively at war with diabolical internal traitorous forces which are hell-bent on destroying our civilization, we have very little hope of winning this fight. Eventually it will become apparent to everyone who isn’t entirely necrotic that we are in a no-holds-barred fight for our survival, but the sooner we all snap out of our torpor the sooner we can go about successfully preserving ourselves.

Of course, these traitorous internal forces I am alluding to are Leftists, specifically the Cultural Marxists who use every imaginable wedge to foment disunity and then propose “solving” this disunity by concentrating power into the hands of wannabe totalitarian overlords. These enemy combatants, whether they are feminists, egalitarians, BLM, the Velmet Mafia, or Hollywood elite, are easily recognized. It is harder to recognize those enemy combatants who have infiltrated our ranks.

The Neo-Cons, with their incessant promotion of Secular Humanism, are our enemies as well.


One of the primary effects of recognizing that we are at war will be that politeness and civility will be thrown out the window, where they should have been all along. The leftists are actively taking an axe to the root of Western Civilization, and too many right-wingers think the best response is to put on their bowties and try to have debates. Bowties have no place on the battlefield. The time for debates is long gone. We missed it by decades.

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