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Genghis Khan: Rapist or Rockstar?

William Wai-Ting Chan as the title character in Chaolu Hasi's "Genghis Khan" (2018).

The buck-toothed New Atheists like to point out instances of the Bible “condoning” rape. Some of these instances are outright stupid interpretations of the texts, some are a bit disturbing and merit analysis, and a few indicate that the New Atheists do not understand human nature, such as their criticism of Deuteronomy 21:10-14, which involves marrying a woman “captured” in war.

Admittedly, that sounds a bit barbaric and hard to mesh with ‘the good Christianity’, but here is a bit of rhetoric that should allow a reasonable person to figure this one out for himself: Do you really think the great conqueror Genghis Khan raped all the women he slept with?

More about rape in the Bible at InfoGalactic.

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