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Deconstructive Analysis

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

"A Gentlemen's Debate" by Benjamin Eugene Fichel (1826-95).

At their core, every perspective is based on faith. If you don’t understand this, then you don’t understand logic. A logical person has the ability to deconstruct what they believe, revealing their foundations, the statements of faith which drive their thought processes. This allows them to evaluate and compare their foundations with others.

The most obvious faith-based assumption that western worldviews share is that the testimony of our senses accurately reflects the reality of the world we inhabit, that the world we see and hear and taste and touch actually exists and is not an illusion.

One of the most aggravating things about arguing with atheists is their refusal or inability to deconstruct their worldview. They just define themselves as being right, so to them anything that contradicts their beliefs is patently absurd. Getting at the roots is thus almost impossible. They are incapable of breaking down their worldview to get at the faith-based assumptions it is founded upon.

Christians have the benefit of thousands of years of deconstructive literature examining the tiniest minutia of every aspect of their belief system. All the atheists have is a handful of pop philosophy texts from the New Atheists, most of which focus on puerile and surface-level criticism of Christian belief, rather than trying to build a foundation for the atheist worldview starting from the metaphysical level. As a result, most atheists are actually working on a foundation built by Christians, a foundation that gives them a reason to value truth, a reason to believe in the laws of nature.They aren't aware of the foundation they're standing on because they never "look down". They never engage in deconstructive analysis.

Christians are comfortable with deconstructive analysis. Atheists are not. They recoil like vampires from the sight of a crucifix at the suggestion that there is anything faith-based about what they believe.

Deconstructive analysis of the atheist and evolutionist worldview reveals some embarrassing facts, one of which is that when you reject a creator God, you are left with putting your faith in chaos as if it has God-like powers of creation, which is an obvious absurdity.

Deconstructive analysis of atheism also reveals that there is no objective reason why an atheist should care about or truth, survival, procreation, living a good life, obeying the law, or even promoting his own beliefs. If you break atheism down to its core components and then try to build it back up again, you discover that from an atheist perspective all thought is merely a purely physical electro-chemical occurrence flittering around inside a bag of flesh, and there is no objective reason why one purely physical electro-chemical occurrence should have any more objective value than another. In this scenario, there is no truth, only personal opinion. Consequently, if an atheist were being honest with himself, he would have to conclude that even his most astounding insights, as purely physical phenomena, have no more objective value than flatulence, another purely physical phenomena.

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