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Artist Profile: Brom (You Only Have to Excel at One Thing)

"The Black Sword" by Brom.

The distinctive, unmistakable, and eye-catching work of fantasy artist Brom most often includes a central figure, humanoid or monstrous and highly rendered, set in the middle of a highly staged and simplified background with a lot of mist, plainly coloured fields, and impressionistic rendering. Strong silhouettes abound. Peculiar skin tones are common. There are highly contrasted and singular points of interest where the detail is focused.

Although Brom can certainly paint other things, like perspective and story moments, his most popular works are fantasy portraits of the sort described above, made for book covers and the like. Many artists would feel compelled to create a greater variety of content, but the success of Brom indicates that you only have to really excel at one thing in order to succeed. He practically made a career out of being able to do one thing really well.

Artist's website:

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