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Actors and Prostitution

Nicole Kidman as 'Satine' and Jim Broadbent as 'Harld Zidler' in "Moulin Rouge!" (2001).

Throughout most of history, the distinction between actors and prostitutes has been minimal, or at least actors and prostitutes existed on the same rung of society. The film Moulin Rouge! portrays something of that to which I am referring. You could find prostitutes wherever you could find actors. And there was overlap between those who engaged in acting and those who engaged in prostitution.

Public perception of actors gradually changed throughout the 20th Century until actors became like royalty, the most envied of elite, but the reality of their situation has changed little if at all. Many of them can be assumed to have acquired their starring roles by distributing sexual favours. Consequently, it is bizarre how people faun over actors and actresses. Many of them are little more than glorified streetwalkers.

There are of course plenty of prominent exceptions, but a lot of actors belong to a rather low-life crowd, despite however wealthy and how attractive they appear.


Almost all the big names in the entertainment industry can be assumed to have at least one of the following characteristics:

-They achieved their stardom by providing sexual favours to people like Harvey Weinstein.

-They are involved in pedophilia (Kevin Spacey, James Gunn, Bryan Singer, Steven Spielberg, etc.).

-They enable pedophiles.

-They are victims of childhood sexual abuse (Heather O'Rourke, etc.).

If you pay attention, peering past the media fanfare, you’ll hear story after story about this sort of thing. It’s endemic to the entertainment industry.


Although actors may be genuinely admired for their acting ability, in general they are more deserving of disgust, indifference, or pity.

If Hollywood actors concerned themselves merely with acting, rather than promoting Cultural Marxism, I would not care so much.

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