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A Visceral Reaction to Male Suicide Rates

"The Scream" (1893) by Edvard Munch.

According to statistics, the suicide rates of young men have increased dramatically over the past few decades. I think it reasonable to suppose that many of these young men are overcome with a sense of the apparent meaninglessness and pointlessness of their lives.

Many men who find meaning and purpose in their lives do so through their families. Having a wife and children who depend on you gives you a reason to live.

These days a lot of women pursue higher education and the sort of professional careers that traditionally belonged to men, enabling these women to support themselves without any male assistance. Young men look around and see nothing but women who are self-sufficient, making the men feel unnecessary and pointless.

Although I recognize that this issue is probably many-faceted and more sophisticated than I am presenting, my visceral reaction to this state of affairs is that there is something reprehensible about women pursuing higher education and professional careers, at least before establishing a family. They are depriving men of what they were meant to be: fathers and providers.

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